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Another Reason to hate a Rainy Summer: Seepage

Wow, that river is high. All of the recent rain brings with it ground water saturation, and an interesting insurance problem: Seepage.

My mom’s house is across the street from the Chena River. Mom has a basement, and when it gets really wet or the river get to banks-full (like this month), water will seep into in her basement. Property insurance policies have some specific EXCLUSIONS for damage from a number of perils like Earthquake and Flood---and seepage is another one of the Standard Exclusions.

The bummer is that, while my Mom could buy a separate policy that covers flood, or earthquake (or both) Seepage is still excluded, and not available as a stand-alone policy.

So today, let’s talk about a really great form of insurance for seepage: The Shop Vac. Mops are good insurance, too. Mom has a bunch of old towels that she uses. A sump pump might be good insurance for more frequent or extreme seepage.

Unfortunately–and weirdly--insurance does not offer a solution for loss from seepage. Please adjust expectations accordingly. Go the Fair and have a corn dog. It’ll make you feel better about this insurance bummer.

John Kohler Jr.

President & Chief Shop Vac Engineer