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John and Falon went to Glennallen for the 4th of July!

Hey there Rural Alaska fans!

In case you were not aware, this year we decided to venture down to Glennallen, AK to participate in their annual 4th of July parade. It was quite the drive to get down there... 4 hours 37 minutes and 248.3 miles to be exact!

I am sure one of the first things that came to your mind was, "But why go down there? That's so far away! Do you even write business down there?" The answers are simple: We went down there to spread the love of insurance while also showing off our employee Falon who grew up in that community! We do in fact write business for that town and it's surrounding communities. Our main focus in rural areas include insuring homes, autos, recreational toys, boats, and even commercial businesses. We hope that this adventure down to Glennallen helps paint a picture in everyone's minds that just because we have one office located in Fairbanks does NOT mean we are only limited to insure just that area. Our name does include the word RURAL after all! ;)

If you aren't a fan of our Facebook page (yet...), then you probably missed out on all the awesome photos! Check them out below! If you see someone you might know, make sure to share this blog with them and/or the Facebook page!

OH AND BY THE WAY... WE TOOK 2ND PLACE and got a SPECIAL AWARD! So yeah. We feel pretty damn cool. Insurance rocked Glennallen's socks!



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